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We can help you learn to recognize and profitably trade chart patterns using Fibonacci ratios along with recurring patterns and proven trade management techniques. Numerous professional traders have successfully used these trading methods for many decades to earn very consistent returns on their risk capital regardless of what the overall market is doing. Trading Tutor is committed to providing the finest trading education experience available. If you are ready to learn and do some work we’re ready to help you.

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“I have been trading now for 6 months, but started using Larry’s patterns two months ago after being unsuccessful (and going through a real confidence crisis). November is my first month that I have turned a solid profit. All with trading these patterns. Amazing.”

- F.K.

“Hi Larry,
I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I was doing with my trading. It is better than ever!!!!!! I have made a few changes like trading the E-mini…. I’m not making a $1000.00 a day yet, but I’m on my way. I still check the web site and it has been a help to my trading along with everything else. I think I enjoy the Gartley Patterns more than all the others. Many times I’ll check a lot of different time frames just looking for the Gartley’s. Thanks for everything and may God’s best be yours. ”

- G.P


Trade What You See with Larry Pesavento Has New Dates/Times

Larry Pesavento's long running program, Trade What You See, now has new dates and times. As of Monday June 1st, Trade What You See moves from Monday and Wednesday at Noon ET, to Monday through Friday from 9 am to 10 am ET.

Now you can get Larry's insights every day as the market opens, and call in with any questions you have about what will unfold each day.

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