Chart Examples

Below are chart examples of Patterns that we use daily. You will see these same patterns being utilized over and over. They are found in any market and in any time-frame.

The Patterns are Geometric and use Fibonacci Ratios to determine:

  • The pattern completion
  • The stop placement
  • The profit exits

Charts below are examples of those patterns. There are 12 Patterns that we follow in the market.

All of the Patterns we use form in all markets and in all time frames.
Of course not all of the Patterns we use work 100% of the time and our members are taught to place stop orders with all trades. Understand that these Patterns are the market’s way of speaking to us and if the market changes it’s mind and a pattern fails then we best heed what the market has to say.

NEVER place a trade without a defined risk area!

“Trade What You See Not What You Believe”

Beans Chart GS Chart JPY Chart Gold Chart NQ Chart Euro Chart

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