Private Tutor Program

Our private tutoring program is designed to meet the needs of the individual student regardless of market experience or types of markets traded.

We know and understand that each individual student has specific needs and each require different time frames to learn and master the art and science of trading in order to trade as a professional trader following rules and approaching trading as a disciplined business.

We guide and mentor the student to develop a foundation of trust in their learned skills where they can operate in the markets with a high degree of confidence. We do this by teaching the student a sound trading methodology with proven money management strategies.

We are committed to mentoring and teaching the student for as long as they feel is necessary. It is important for the student to know they have support readily available to them for as long as they need it.


Our methodology is based in Pattern Recognition with Fibonacci Ratios. We teach the student the basics of market cycles and teach them to see patterns that are repetitive on a daily basis in all markets. Speculative markets are chaotic in nature but within the chaos are non-random patterns that repeat with a great deal of consistency.

Each pattern has a set of harmonic or “vibratory” numbers associated with it. Because of this we are able to quantify our risk on each trade before the trade is entered.

There are 12 primary Geometric patterns with Fibonacci ratio’s the student will learn along with Classical Chart patterns using Ratio and Proportion.
Geometric price patterns have mathematical probabilities heavily favored on the reward side of the risk/reward equation. In our experience, these Patterns have a high probability of success though there is the potential for loss on every trade.

Once the student has learned to identify the Geometric patterns we then focus on learning the necessary trading skills to execute the trades. This includes:

  • Trade selections analyzed prior to the markets open
  • Proper use of stop loss orders and setting profit targets
  • Preparing mentally for each trading day
  • Learning to correct mistakes

Frequently Asked Questions about our Private Tutoring Program

How long does it take to learn the methodology?
Every student is unique in the learning time it takes to learn the patterns and successfully execute a trading plan. We mentor the student for as long as the student feels is necessary. The pattern recognition process on average takes about 3 months.

Are the patterns in all markets?
Yes, these patterns form in all markets; stocks, futures and commodities. We trade the patterns in stocks and markets that are liquid and have volatility; this is what presents us with profit opportunities.

Can you guarantee success with your program?
There are no guarantees in trading as in life. We will guarantee to mentor you however for as long as it takes you to be successful in your trading – there are no time limits. We are committed to taking the necessary time to train you. You must be willing to do the work of course, but most students find the process fun, exciting and rewarding.

Why should I learn this methodology?
In the past 15 years we have trained over 800 students to use this methodology. We are still in contact with many of our students. The methodology can be used by anyone who is willing to spend the time it takes to learn and apply the principles.
This methodology has taken over 35 years to develop. It began by researching hundreds of books and trading systems based on many market theories. Our approach is a combination of what we feel is the best of what we’ve found. The patterns do not rely on indicators to be successful and are leading rather than lagging.

What is included in the tuition fee?
The tuition fee is a one-time fee and is all inclusive of materials and the total time it takes for you to learn to trade this methodology. Included in the tuition are books for study and a workbook with exercises designed to help you learn and recognize the patterns as well as money management and trading plan outlines. Rare books are available for loan to the students to read and return.
A one year’s subscription to the website including our Live Trading Room and weekly newsletter. One-on-one training is provided to you at your desired frequency. This stems from years of experience training traders. Personal mentoring is the fastest and best way to learn trading skills. Support is available for any questions from the students. This can be done via telephone, fax or email.

Are there people who should not trade?
In our opinion, yes. We have found that those with chemical or alcohol dependency, gambling dependency or depression and extreme stressful situations, such as divorce and medical conditions should not trade. Those who treat trading as a boring or tedious business or who are not willing to do the necessary work should consider not trading.

Are references of previous students available?
We will furnish names and phone numbers or email addresses of previous students upon request. Consultation Information
We encourage you to contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your individual needs. We would be happy to talk with you about a personalized tutoring program or answer any additional questions not addressed here.

Please contact us at:

Larry Pesavento