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I have been trading now for 6 months, but started using Larry's patterns two months ago after being unsuccessful (and going through a real confidence crisis). November is my first month that I have turned a solid profit. All with trading these patterns. Amazing.


Hi Larry,
I just thought I would drop you a line to let you know how I was doing with my trading. It is better than ever!!!!!! I have made a few changes like trading the E-mini.... I'm not making a $1000.00 a day yet, but I'm on my way. I still check the web site and it has been a help to my trading along with everything else. I think I enjoy the Gartley Patterns more than all the others. Many times I'll check a lot of different time frames just looking for the Gartley's. Thanks for everything and may God's best be yours.


Hi Shelli,
I just want to tell you how much help you and the members of the chat room have been to my trading. Over the past 6 months that I have been a member, my growth has been beyond my expectations. That is a tribute not only to your dedication to teaching, but to the support and encouragement of the entire community. I can truthfully say that I would not be where I am today, both financially and personally without both my commitment to learning, and the enthusiasm of you, Larry and members of the chat room.

Thanks again to both you and Larry for your generosity of time and thoughtfulness.

Big Joe

Larry and Trading Tutor has revolutionized the way we trade. Larry has truly provided a service that is unlike any out there. To find a trader who has had 40 years of success, take the time out to help others improve their trading techniques is almost unheard of. My dad said he has learned more in the last three months than the last 10 years of trading. It is all thanks to the selfless assistance provided by Shelli, Confluence, Henry, Chris, as well as many others. We are truly grateful for everything and are so eager to continue what hopes to be not only a trading relationship but a friendship with everyone involved in Larry and Trading Tutor.


If ever you wanted a team to help you "fish", well you need not look any further. With Larry's methodology and Shelli's chat room, you have arrived. Dedication, commitment, passion, honesty, integrity and a team who is willing to work even harder than you 24X7 are hard to find in this business. Welcome to You have arrived and thank goodness because, you will find no better environment and team to work with. The methodology is the best I've seen. We all of course are expected to work just as hard to transform ourselves to their level of expertise. ...and oh! you will probably make money too :-)